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In order for us to deliver the best services to our clients, we make it a priority to be involved in the accounting community, keep up with the most innovative technology, and stay on top of the latest trends. Here are the SMB events we’ll be attending, speaking, or presenting at in the coming months.


Atlanta, Georgia

4/24 - 4/25: The Georgia Society of CPAs: Decision Makers Conference

A thought leadership event covering a multitude of topics, including SOC 2 audits, international tax, sales and use tax, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

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Gusto Payroll

New Orleans, Louisiana

5/6 - 5/7: Accounting Salon

Presented by Gusto, the Accounting Salon is an invite-only event for the eighteen accounting leaders who are a part of the 2019 cohort group. Acuity CEO, Kenji Kuramoto, will be attending and speaking.

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Professional Association of Small Business Accountants

Clearwater, Florida

5/8: Professional Association of Small Business Accountants

Acuity CEO, Kenji Kuramoto, will be delivering the closing keynote at the PASBA Marketing & Technology Conference.

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Atlanta, Georgia

5/16: Square Self Made in Atlanta Event Series

Acuity CEO, Kenji Kuramoto, will be a panelist on the Square Capital panel called "See What Capital Can Do."

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San Diego, California

6/18 - 6/19: Xerocon

This is Xero’s annual conference. Acuity COO, Matthew May, Controller Team Lead, Lisa Gilreath, Cloud Accounting Team Lead, Sammy Siddique, and Director of Tax, Chris Chapman, will be attending.

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Acuity Con

Atlanta, Georgia

10/29 - 10/30 - AcuityCon

This is Acuity’s first annual private conference for Acuity employees and technology partners. See below for more details.

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San Jose, California

11/6 - 11/9: QuickBooks Connect

This is QuickBooks’ annual conference.

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Upcoming Webinars

We host regular webinars with our partners, clients, and colleagues to share important trends, breaking news, and helpful insights. Register for one of our upcoming webinars below, or watch our past webinars on-demand.



6/11 - Boosting Retention: The Keys to Managing Turnover

Employee turnover is costly, but what can businesses do to minimize it? Join JazzHR Director of HR, Corey Berkey and Acuity COO, Matthew May, for a discussion about:

- The labor economy today
- Turnover trends in 2019
- Understanding your organization's turnover and retention
- How to boost retention within the organization

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If you have content related to small business, entrepreneurship, finance / tax, or blockchain / cryptocurrency, we’d love to have you join us for an upcoming webinar! We also are always looking for guests to join us for some of our more casual conversations on our YouTube series “Drink While You Think.” If you’re interested in either of these opportunities, let us know.

Acuity Hosts Xero Hours Atlanta

Xero SMB Hours
What Is A PEO

Tuesday, April 23 at 1:30 PM

From Apps to Advisory: An Expert Panel Discussion

Regardless of how much we earn, which politicians we support, or what type of music we like to listen to, the one thing that unites pretty much everyone is the desire for a lower tax bill. For businesses, large and small, it’s no different. And tax credits? They make this possible.

When it comes to America’s largest tax credit for innovation, the R&D tax credit, most dollars go to large corporations even though smaller businesses and startups clearly qualify. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe it does not apply to them. Join us to learn how to make the most of the R&D tax credit for your company.


Tuesday, May 21 at 2:00 PM

Xero Roadshow is Coming

Walk away with the knowledge you need: Join other leading accountants and bookkeepers at the Xero Roadshow and learn how your practice can benefit from the full power of the Xero platform today.

There’s plenty to learn:

  • Get insights from the Xero leadership team on how to make the most of today’s digital tools
  • Explore upcoming enhancements to the Xero platform, designed to support accountants and bookkeepers
  • See how Xero’s practice tools can reduce your admin time and overhead while boosting client profitability
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Xero Roadshow
QuickBooks services


We are thrilled to share that we are hosting the first ever AcuityCon this coming October! This event is exclusive to Acuity partners. It will be a two-day event jam-packed with training sessions, panels, and Q&As and will conclude with a fun night out in the city. If you’re a partner and are interested in attending, please contact us.


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